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It?s a fresh idea that?s putting a new spin on cloning! Tired of fighting with high temperatures that are killing your roots? Need a way to clone without having to use timers, chillers or other expensive accessories? The Solution: TurboKlone!

A streamlined cloner that gives you more sites, keeps temperatures low and provides more oxygen. The central technology behind TurboKlone is simple: A fan that offers a one-two punch!

1. The fan blows fresh air into the growing chamber

2. The cool air from the fan keeps temperatures low

The air from the fan mixes with the fine spray of water from the manifold, maximizing the concentration of dissolved oxygen. High levels of dissolved oxygen create ideal conditions for roots to flourish.

As the fan spreads cool air across the reservoir it combats any excess heat caused by the pump. In the past, growers were forced to either put their pumps on timers or risk killing their roots due to excess heat. But TurboKlones technology lets you keep those pumps running all day long and your roots growing super strong.


  • Our Price : $449.95


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