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Custom Features:
           - Longer lasting, more durable Polyethylene Collars
           - Reservoir is stronger and easier to clean
           - Fan system provides constant oxygen and keeps temperatures optimal for rooting
           - More Klone sites in the same dimensional footprint as other systems on the market.    

TurboKlone 48

Reservoir: Custom ABS Plastic 
Clone Capacity: 48 
Cutting Medium: Custom Polyethylene Collar (included) 
Water Pump Grade: 450 gph 
Optimal Water Temp: 65-75° F. 
Optimal Amount of Water: 4.5 gallons 
Optimal Water PH: 5.5-6.3 
Product Dimensions: 22½ x 17½ x 115/8
Recommended Lighting: T8 or T5 Florescent or Natural


  • Our Price : $299.95


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