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CO2 is needed by plants for proper growth. CO2 can be added by burning propane or natural gas - cheaper and easier to obtain than bottled CO2. The Gas Pro uses more efficient electronic spark ignition. When the Gas Pro is turned on, spark and pilot gas start. When the pilot is lit, spark stops and main gas turns on and is lit by pilot. When the Gas Pro turns off, all gas turns off. The Propane model includes a regulator and gas hose (20 ft.) included with all models. Heat exchanger allows forced air cooling if desired. Plug the 120 volt power supply (included) into a controller or timer. Alternatively, the Gas Pro allows easy connection of a CO2 400 controller. No separate power supply needed - it draws power from the Gas Pro. Includes easy to use display and controls to view and adjust ppm levels.


  • Our Price : $524.95


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