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For those who live in a cooler climate, this is the absolute most energy efficient and affordable way to cool the water for your water cooled system. This chiller must be used outdoors and uses cool air and a thermostat controlled fan to chill the water to within 5ºF of ambient air temperatures. In other words if the outdoor temperature is 55ºF and you have less than 36,000 BTU of heat load, the water can be cooled to approximately 60ºF. When used in cool climates this chiller can completely handle the cooling requirements for (8) 1000 watt lamps... USING ONLY 2 AMPS! This chiller is intended for use in conjunction with our air handlers for the most affordable air conditioner you can buy! It can also be used to cool water-cooled CO2 generators, Ice Box heat exchangers and nutrient coolers. Drop ship only.  Prepayment required.


  • Our Price : $2950.00


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