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100% digital lighting and recycling timer that combines 2 main timing functions in one convenient package. Control lighting schedules with 24-hour time clock. The MDT-1 has an integrated digital recycling timer. Digital recycling on and off times can be programmed in hours, minutes and seconds. The Hi-Temp shutdown feature allows the user to set a maximum temperature. In the event of overheating, the MDT-1 will shut off the lighting. If overheating event happens, the unit logs the max temperature and the time it occurred. Hot start prevention monitors the incoming power and will disable the HID lights in the event of a power failure. After a user selectable delay, the HID lamps are permitted to re-start. 15 amps @ 120 volts 32 to 120° F 0-99% RH Day, Night or 24-hr +/- 12 sec/year 1 second 23 hrs, 59 min, 59 sec.


  • Our Price : $219.95


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