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These easy to use timers have a single select knob that clicks to any of 16 time settings. Settings include an accelerated 18 hour day cycle running ON 6 hours / OFF 12 hours. Thirteen normal 24 hour day settings cover ON 8 / OFF 16 to ON 20 / OFF 4 in one hour increments. Continuously ON and OFF settings are also included. The Lamp Pro sequences two outlets on, 20 seconds later the next two, and 20 seconds later the final two. This reduces electrical problems. Turn off has a 5 second delay. The LP-120S (120 volt 15 amp) uses standard 120 volt type outlets and power cord plug. The LP-240S (240 volt 30 amp) has 240 volt outlets and an 6 foot power cord with unterminated wires. It can control up to six 1000 watt fixtures.


  • Our Price : $335.95


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