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This product controls temperature and humidity in your grow area at your preferred settings. The Kronus 1™ activates an exhaust fan, A/C or dehumidifier if the temperature or humidity exceeds the preferred setting. Plug your exhaust fan or A/C into the ’Exhaust Fan Output’ to control your temperature, and plug your dehumidifier into the ‘Dehumidify Output’ to keep your humidity in check. This is a favorite controller for every gardener! Controls temperature and humidity in your garden. Easy to understand. Highlighted ‘Grow Zones’ for ease of use. 25 foot modular remote temperature and humidity sensor. Only the highest quality components are used. Improves your yield by creating the perfect environment for your plants. Controllers designed by our industry, for our industry. 15 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz. 3 year warranty. For more information go to


  • Our Price : $299.95


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